Want a tiny leather jacket for your dog?

If your dog gets cold or has a flair for fashion, check out these handmade dog outfits made in Cork. We don't know which we want more, the leather jacket or the CHANEL!

How cute are these dog outfits? Each piece is designed for small breeds and handmade in Cork by Satako Flanagan, originally from Japan. Her dogs, Ziggy and Q, used to get cold when she took them for walks, which gave her the idea to create her own clothing range for little dogs. With leather jackets, knit jumpers, dresses, and sophisticated jackets made from the same tweed used by Chanel, there is a whole range of styles to choose from, so you can dress your dog to be a mini-me or to reflect their personality. Satako called the brand Little Criminals Dog Wear, inspired by her nickname for her own dogs who have a penchant for stealing her socks and post!

Available from www.premiumcanine.ie, we're obsessed with the little leather jackets.

Find them on Instagram @doggystardust.

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