The #SoundEffect at Electric Picnic

Pieta House and A Lust For Life are teaming up for a campaign celebrating the importance of being sound for this year’s Electric Picnic

  • Damian Clarke supporting #SoundEffect

  • #SoundEffect

  • JR Doyle supporting #SoundEffect

  • Lucas Knight and Jo Calautti supporting #SoundEffect

Share a memory of a time when someone was sound to you this weekend as part of the brilliant campaign by Pieta House and A Lust For Life called #SoundEffect.

#SoundEffect aims to highlight these little moments of soundness happening every day on the island of Ireland, to create a huge wave of sound that will remind us that we can do something positive for one another.

To get involved, all you have to do is share a sound moment you created for yourself, someone else of even a stranger and share it using the hashtag #SoundEffect on social media.

This weekend at Electric Picnic, there will be lots of talks at the Mindfield Arena to celebrate the #SoundEffect. Jack Reynor, Miriam O’Callaghan, Sinéad Burke, Senator Lynn Ruane, Bressie, Gerry Hussey and more are all scheduled to appear. A Lust For Life will also launch The Little Book of Sound, a digital guide to being sound to help our minds and society.

CEO of Pieta House, Brian Higgins, explained that #SoundEffect is a powerful message of positivity. “What we are trying to do here is turn up the volume on what is right, increasing awareness of what it means to be sound, and using that wave of positivity to drown out the negative noise our online spaces are awash in,” he says. “Being sound goes further than that one moment; small things can help improve all of our lives and fight against societal wrongs.”

Paula McLoughlin, Chair and Acting CEO of A Lust For Life, said that the #SoundEffect is needed now more than ever. “Considering the levels of apathy and negativity we are constantly exposed to, and which can become at times overwhelming, it’s important to highlight the empathy, inherent goodness and level of social consciousness that exist throughout the vast majority of society,” she says.

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