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Miriam Kerins, Integrated Health and Wellness coach, gives us tips on starting your day the right way ahead of her talk at Exhale

A day of wellness and wellbeing, Exhale is taking place on 1 April in the Irish Museum of Modern Art. On the day Irish Country Magazine will be joined by expert speakers Miriam Kerins and Gerry Hussey, Síle Seoige will be teaching yoga, and there will be heathy eating, goodie bags and more. Read more here.

Miriam Kerins is an Integrated Health and Wellness coach, Pharmacist and Yoga teacher. Here are her tips for starting your day off on the right step:

Having a morning ritual gives you structure, creates a sense of self-care and self-nourishment, and brings calmness and balance into your life. Below are some useful tips, tools & ideas that you can try to begin to incorporate into your own morning routine.

1. Routines for Physical Wellness

Begin by setting your alarm 20 - 30 mins earlier that what your normally would. After a few days of rising a little earlier your body will adapt, and you will no longer feel alien to this new time.

• Lemon Water:

Upon rising drink a pint size glass of warm water with lemon and avoid eating anything for 30 mins after. This kick-starts your system for day, flushing out toxins that may have been sitting in the GI tract overnight. It also aids the digestive process and stimulates the liver to start its detoxifying work.

• Movement:

Moving your body is a super way to wake up your system and shake off any tiredness, tension or stress. Find something that works best for you - walking, running, yoga, swimming, attending a gym class or cycling. Generating movement in the morning releases endorphins and helps boosts your happy hormones.

• Healthy breakfast:

Begin your day with a breakfast that suits you, if of course breakfast does suit you. The myth that you HAVE to eat breakfast is like telling someone they have to go to bed at 9pm. We are all different, our bodies are unique, thus our GI tracts react differently accordingly. Listen to your body and eat when you are hungry. Choose foods that are right for you, not what's been recommended by a strict diet plan, or what you may have seen on somebody's Instagram page. Add in superfoods, green veggies, more fruits. Keep adding in the good stuff and eventually this will crowd out the cravings for the processed foods.

2. Rituals for Emotional Wellness

• Meditation, silence or prayer:

When we give ourselves the time and space to stop, be still and listen, we can start to hear all the noise we create in our minds. It helps us become aware of our thoughts, and enables us to wisely choose which ones we give more energy to. Energy flows where our thoughts go.

• Breathing:

Breath work or pranayama can reduce stress and anxiety, calm the nervous system, create focus and clarity, and recharge your system (mind and body) for the day ahead. Sit in an upright position, spine long and straight, and begin to inhale to count of 4, hold, pause. Then exhale for the count of 4, hold, pause, and repeat.

• Gratitude:

Keeping a gratitude journal is possibly one of the most powerful and immensely rewarding things you can do. Jot down three things each morning you are grateful for. Think about them in your mind and then feel those blessing in your heart.

3. Routines for Mental Wellbeing

• Morning pages:

The secret to a productive day is actually a very simple practice. Every morning, take a pen and three blank pages and write down whatever your feel needs to be released. This practice is called "Morning Pages", which acts as a mind dump to get rid of clutter from the brain. There is no wrong way to do it, they’re simply for anything and everything that crosses your mind, and they are for your eyes only.

• Visualisation:

On waking, take a few brief moments to visualise how you want your day to go. Visualise how you look, how you walk, how your feel. Visualise yourself smiling, laughing or singing. By visualising what you want you will greatly dictate how your day will run. By developing a morning ritual of visualising a healthy and happy image, you will begin to create a happy and healthy life.

• Self-talk:

What are the first thoughts that cross your mind in the morning? ‘Oh, no, not the alarm’, ‘I wish I had 10 more minutes in bed’, ‘Oh, crap it's raining!’

Sound familiar? You create your own reality by the thoughts you think and the words you say. Choose your words carefully. Consciously say something nice to yourself or a loved one first thing in the morning.

Creating a morning ritual brings you into the present moment, the present day. Embrace it, the healthy way.

Find out more about Exhale with Irish Country Magazine and buy tickets here.

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