Rediscover your best self at Exhale

Motivational speaker Gerry Hussey explains what visitors can expect from his workshop at Irish Country Magazine’s Exhale event

  • Gerry Hussey

Exhale is taking place on 1 April in the Irish Museum of Modern Art. On the day Irish Country Magazine will be joined by expert speakers Gerry Hussey and Miriam Kerins, Síle Seoige will be teaching yoga, and there will be heathy eating, goodie bags and more.

Here, motivational speaker and performance psychologist Gerry Hussey explains what his workshop is about:

“My workshops will bring key psychology principles to life and show how even the smallest changes to our inner beliefs and thought processes can change everything. I will also be giving participants very practical techniques on how to deal more efficiently with the busy schedules and demands of modern life, how to build self-confidence and how to turn our inner critic into our inner coach.

“I will be giving people a chance to find space and look a little deeper at their thinking and their behaviour patterns and unlock what is really driving these. Using engaging science from psychology, I will highlight the many ways the brain is being wired and shaped all the time by our experiences, beliefs and expectations, and how these directly impact the way we see and experience ourselves and the world around us.

“Learning to reflect and identify which thinking habits are actually really serving you well and which ones are holding you back is an essential starting point to wellness and performance. If we remove fear of failure and self-limiting beliefs, add in focus, motivation and enjoyment, we would look down be amazed how much better we feel and perform immediately.

“Most people don't achieve their dream simply because of what happens in that little space between our ears. Our mind is our inner well - when we keep it fresh, invigorated and clear it will fuel our every life journey with energy, confidence, purpose and passion. If we don't it will poison our every life journey.

It will be an exciting opportunity to take a look a little deeper and rediscover your best self and your inner brilliance.”

Find out more about Exhale and buy tickets here.

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