Ones to watch: 5 great film releases in 2019

From remakes to sequels these are the most anticipated films that will be hitting the big screen in the New Year

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Next year is shaping up to be quite a treat already with Westlife and the Spice Girls making epic comebacks. To add to the excitement Disney has revealed the official trailer for the Lion King remake and a few other movie sensations and memorable characters are returning to the big screen.

The Lego Movie two – 8 February 2019

Get ready for the second instalment of this action packed animated movie which will provide lots of laughs along the way. Bricksburg is under threat when LEGO DUPLO invaders from outer space arrive and start to cause mass destruction. Emmet, Lucy, Batman and friends have to battle the raiders and save the people of Bricksburg.

Dumbo – 19 March 2019

Tim Burton's Dumbo is the first Disney remake to hit our screens in the New Year. With a star-studded cast including Colin Farrell, Eva Green and Danny DeVito, this heartfelt tale is a magical adventure. Dumbo is a story of bravery, courage and self-belief and one that all the family will enjoy.

Aladdin – 24 May 2019

Directed by Guy Ritchie, Aladdin is another hotly anticipated film for the New Year. In the official trailer we get a sneak peek at the Sultan's kingdom which is a golden haven and the face of Aladdin is revealed as he picks up the genie, who is locked away in a beautiful lamp.

Toy Story four – 21 June 2019

The new trailer does not reveal much about the story plot but it is setting a very pleasant theme and is successfully building our excitement for the new Toy Story movie. We also come across a very strange and new character.

Lion King – 19 July 2019

Prepare to be amazed by the real-life remake of the Disney classic and one of the most loved movies of all time, Lion King. The fantastic James Earl Jones returns to voice Mufasa (no one else would do) and superstar Beyoncé plays Nala.

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