Irish Country Magazine’s Mother & Baby event: 8 things we learnt

The second instalment of our Mother & Baby event took place at Harvey Norman in Tallaght and was hosted by TV star Mairead Ronan, here’s what we learnt from that amazing day

  • Mairead Ronan and Helen Plass

A few weeks ago mothers and their cute babies, and soon to be mums, flocked the Harvey Norman store to participate in the second instalment of our Mother & Baby event which took place in Tallaght.

Presented by the fabulous Mairead Ronan, she chatted on the sofa with our guest speakers Niamh O’Reilly, a nursery nurse and sleep specialist, and Helen Plass who demonstrated a sleep and baby massage.

With tips and advice flowing throughout the morning, here are 8 things that we took away from the day.

1. Sleep routines are important - by having a bedtime routine your baby will learn when sleep is approaching through your actions. This can include putting on their pyjamas, reading a book and then putting them down to go to sleep.

2. Have a night-time phrase when you are tucking them into bed, this helps them to understand that it is time to go to sleep, something along the lines of ‘it’s sleepy time’ is ideal.

3. Be strict with daytime naps, if you allow your baby to oversleep you will have difficultly putting them to bed at night.

4. When it comes to napping during the day have a wind-down period so that your baby is calm and relaxed, you could sing a particular lullaby which will indicate to your child that nap time is approaching.

5. Baby massages can soothe your baby and will help them to sleep making bedtime a little bit easier.

6. Massages calm the nervous system and raises levels of the 'feel-good' hormone oxytocin in both you and your baby.

7. Baby massages are a great way to bond with you baby as they are very intimate.

8. There are a few health benefits to baby massage including better breathing and improved blood circulation.

If you would like to revisit our Mother & Baby event, or if you missed out on the on-goings, check out the best bits from the day in the video below:

By Tracey Donaghey

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