Icebergers are the nation's favourite!

What's your go-to ice cream choice? During the good weather, Irish people eat almost 700 Icebergers an hour, making it Ireland's number 1 ice cream choice!

It's a debate that divides most households, but finally we have a definitive answer. Forget Twisters, Loop the Loops and Super Splits, as the humble Iceberger has come out on top as Ireland's favourite ice cream. According to figures from HB, with great weather like this, we're buying 700 Icebergers an hour apparently, closely followed by those who favour a Brunch, with shoppers snapping up 500 every hour in the good weather.

The Maxi Twist comes in third place, with one being eaten every 9 seconds when temperatures are high.

Plus, keep an eye out for pop-up HB stands that will appear at various location in Dublin this week. They will be raising funds for Down Syndrome Ireland, and HB are asking the public to tweet selfies with the life-size HB icecreams using the hashtag #HBShareHappy, in exchange for an ice cream!

For more info on HB, follow @HBIreland on Twitter or find them on Facebook.

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