Going on holiday seems great until…

Feeling jealous of your friends that are heading off somewhere sunny? Console yourself with these reminders that holidays aren't always smooth sailing!

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...You’re trying to book anything

You end up down a Google rabbit hole, spending hours trawling through Tripadvisor reviews and Airbnb searches. Suddenly you feel like the success of the entire holiday now depends on how Instagrammable your accommodation is.

...You dig out last year’s holiday clothes...

Only to find that they are all a) too big/small, or b) horrendous, what were you thinking?

... You spend €200 in Penneys the day before you leave

You go in to buy a new beach bag and walk out with three maxis, denim hotpants you will never wear, two bikinis and four pairs of gladiator sandals. And you forgot to get the beach bag.

... You’re covered in disgusting insect bites on the first day

You will have to endure stares or cover up for the remainder of your holidays because of the giant welts all over your legs. How come this never seems to happen to celebrities?!

... You get an awkward sunburn

Whether you’ve gotten yourself a Rudolph nose, dodgy tan lines on your limbs or a painful blisters, you’re going to feel that burn for the rest of your holiday. You will wish you were back under the safety of the cloudy dreary Irish sky.

... It rains

You’re stuck in your hotel with nothing to do and you did not bring appropriate clothing for this weather. This hurts doubly when you go on Facebook only to see that it is a scorcher at home.

... You check your work email

It appears that all that work you did getting everything in order before you put your out-of-office on was a waste of time. You either end up making calls that are going to hike up your phone bill or are distracted and full of The Fear for the rest of your holiday.

... Someone gets sick

You’ve got sun stroke, one of the kids ate something bad or your partner’s picked up a flu on the plane. There’s nothing more miserable than not being at home in your own bed when you’re sick.

... You completely blow your holiday budget

‘Treat yourself, you’re on holiday!’ It always seems like a good idea until you check your bank balance and see you've spent half a paycheck on food.

... You arrive home exhausted

Car journeys feel longer when you're on your way back to reality and there's always going to be airport drama. So when you get inside your front door you’re not quite ready to face into responsibility just yet. Unpacking will have to wait.

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