Dubliners will love this Irish book series

Romance novelist Gemma Jackson has written the fourth instalment in her series about a young woman named Ivy Rose living in 1920s Dublin. We've three sets of the entire series to give away

Gemma Jackson's book series following young Ivy Rose and her life in the Tenements in 1920s Dublin is inspired by the stories she heard from her parents as a child. Now living in a fishing village in Northern Ireland, Gemma's writing imagines life for Ivy Rose living in the Dublin of her parents' time. The series began with Through Streets Broad and Narrow, when Ivy Rose discovers on New Year's Day that her irresponsible father has died, and with her mother already having left them, Ivy Rose becomes the sole provider for herself and her three brothers. As she visits the morgue to pay her respects to her Da, a chance meeting introduces Ivy to a new world of money and privilege, her mother's world. Throughout the rest of the series, in books The Ha'penny Chance and The Ha'Penny Place, Ivy Rose does her best to build a better life for herself.

In the fourth book, Ha'Penny Schemes out now, Ivy Rose Murphy is (spoilers ahead!) still struggling to survive life in the Tenements in 1920s Dublin, as well as attempting to adapt to married life. Some are jealous of her, and she feels that everyone wants a piece of her. She is stretched to breaking point. Ivy’s old enemy Father Leary keeps a close watch on her comings and goings. Ivy’s husband, Jem Ryan is a forward thinking man. He is busy making a better life for the family he longs for – but can he protect Ivy when her enemies begin to close in?

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