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GirlCrew founder Elva Carri is speaking at our reader evening next week, and we attended her GirlCrewPro event for valuable career lessons from inspiring women.

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Ahead of our reader evening in Cork where the inspirational Elva Carri of GirlCrew will be one of our speakers, we showed a bit of solidarity and headed to Girl Crew Pro: Advance Your Career, Create Your Dream Job. This event organised by Elva and her team was all about sharing advice to help women progress in their careers, and included four impressive speakers as well as a pitch competition for attendees to win €250 to put towards their career goals. Joan Mulvihill of the Irish Internet Association, Clodagh Logue of HR Director of Microsoft Ireland, author of Go Get Him Avril Mulcahy and editor of Xposé Deanna O'Connor all spoke at the event and we have to say we felt completely motivated and encouraged on the night. We are even more excited about our Cork reader evening now and to hear more from the very impressive Elva Carri.

Here, we've summed up the amazing career tips from the event.

You can’t be what you can’t see – find a mentor to help you shine

Whether it’s someone in your workplace you look up to, a lecturer from college, or a woman who’s work attitude you admire, don’t be afraid to approach someone you think may be able to offer you guidance. All it takes is a chat over a cup of coffee.

No matter what industry you are in, business is business, people are people, just vocabulary changes. Know your skills.

Forget about the environment, and the people involved. At the end of the day, your skill set is about what you can do, and everything from negotiating to managing counts as a transferable skill.

Salary is just what you get, it is not a measure of your worth, worth is what you do for other people.

It can be so easy to get caught up in what you earn, but that is never going to fulfil you the way helping and supporting people will. Are you customers happy? Is your boss impressed? Does your team trust you? That’s a job well done.

Be more self-aware, less self-conscious

Don’t focus on what you are doing wrong, or analysing every sentence or thought. Instead, get to know yourself, when you’re nervous, when you’re frustrated, when you’re happy. It will make decision-making so much easier.

Hell has a place for women who don’t help each other

This isn’t just about solidarity of the sisterhood, though that is important. Not only does it feel good to help people, and to get that help in return, it will do you no favours to not help when you can, or worse, to out manoeuvre people to get ahead. Do what you can, when you can, and your career will be in a happier, healthier place.

Let go and let other people shine and grow

It can be tough to delegate when you know you can do something well. But remember being part of a team works for everyone. And giving other people a chance to develop allows you to focus on your own career progression. Free your time and help someone else in one smart move.

Have an exit strategy

Whether you are at the top of your game, or just making your way up the career ladder, have a plan for yourself. Make sure when it is time for you to move on that it is on your terms, that it’s a move that serves your career, and that you feel confident about.

"Did ya see? Isn’t it good? Can I have more money?"

Don’t wait for your boss to pat you on the back and hand you a bulging envelope. Make sure the higher ups know exactly what you are up to, and give them a not so subtle nudge. You earned it.

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