A nostalgic read to fall in love with

The latest book from Offaly-based author Geraldine O’Neill looks at family life and young romance in 60s Ireland

There’s nothing like a book that takes you through time and Geraldine O’Neill’s A Letter From America does just that. Following the life of Fiona Tracey in Tullamore in 1968, the story sounds familiar – a young woman prepares to start a new life in New York but when tragedy strikes, she must postpone her trip to care for her family. Her mother spirals into depression but refuses help from their extended family. With all that is going on, Fiona is distracted when an American architect rooms above the bar and the pair finds themselves drawn together. This book asks interesting questions about family and obligation as Fiona tries to decide whether New York is a possibility.

Poolbeg, €16.99